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The Courageous Way Virtual Bootcamp

Winter session to be announced

Who's this for?

Someone who loves adventure, challenge, and being pushed out of their comfort zone to really see what they're made of!

6 Weeks
6 Challenges
6 Opportunities
to live the Courageous Way!

What it includes:

 6 Group challenges 
3 x One hour coaching calls
with Executive Coach David Stegman ($750 value)

Individual small accountability groups
Opening group call and closing group call

What do you mean by "challenges"?

These challenges are designed to make you feel uncomfortable and grow you in specific areas that are commonly blocked. You'll have one week to complete each challenge and report back to the larger group of your experience. You can participate in the bootcamp from anywhere worldwide.

None of the challenges require any special resources that aren't easily obtained around the house or simply borrowed. 

The challenges take place in different common geographic locations and varying in length from a few minutes of extreme courage to an overnight commitment.
Image by Dex Ezekiel

Challenge #1

Sleep a night on the streets


Why is this challenge important?

Because if you’re like me, you’ve lived a pretty comfortable life.


I’ve never been homeless, I’ve never gone hungry, I’ve never worried too much about money, or how I was going to pay the bills. I’ve controlled all aspects of my life so I can feel a certain level of comfort.

The impact for me is I take many of these things for granted and I find with more comfort, I experience lesser levels of aliveness and adventure.

The intention of the challenge is to put everyone into an unfamiliar environment outside of the comfort of their own home.

This is the level we’re playing at in service of learning about ourselves, challenging ourselves, and pushing the edges of our own comfort levels.

Image by Connor Fisher

Are we really going to sleep on the streets?

Yes and no.


I really believe in informed choice when it comes to personal growth work. This is why I present a number of option for each of the 6 weekly challenges as a way to push up against your edges instead of putting you in situations you don’t feel ready for or that will be unsafe for you.

For some, sleeping in a tent in a campground by yourself would be a stretch or in your friends backyard without a tent, while others sleeping in a bush in the downtown core of a big city would be the big stretch.


It’s not about comparing the difficulty of the challenge to others, it’s about finding where you’re at and pushing yourself to the next version of that challenge to help build confidence and grit.


The essence of this challenge is how willing are you to spend time in an environment that you don’t have much control?


How willing are you to let go of comfort and familiarity?


The power of group work!

Courage is contagious! You can go farther together, then walking out into the world alone.

Have you ever had the experience of not wanting to do something and seeing your best friend do it and think, "if they can do it, I can do it." This is the power of surrounding yourself with others pushing their limits of what they think is possible.

All participants will put in hand selected pods to hold each other accountable, overcome their struggles as a team, and celebrate their wins together.
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Is this bootcamp open to all genders?


I’ve traditionally mainly worked with men but this group program is opened to everyone!

I've found it very powerful to be in mixed groups and experience a different level and flavour of vulnerability, courage, and challenge.

Are you in?

Your investment is

$1000 Early Bird Price

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