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The Courageous Way Coaching Agreement

"Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind" - Brené Brown

Image by Jackie DiLorenzo
Coaching Terms and Conditions
Your first call:


Your first call is 90 minutes long and we'll be reviewing your intake form point by point, so please have it submit at least 24 hours prior to our scheduled start time. This process is to help define success, get clear on core values, and starting building the coaching container together. Please bring a dedicated notebook for our time together.

Subsequent calls:

Coaching calls are 45 minutes long, and start promptly at the scheduled time via zoom. Please show up prepared, with your dedicated notebook, fed, watered, and in a quite, private space. If you have a hard stop at the top of the hour, please advise me at the start of the session as on occasion sessions run slightly over.

Set yourself up for success with coaching:

Your success is your responsibility and is 100% within your control.

  • Prep in advance. Come to the coaching conversation with a list of prepared topics or ideas for discussion. I'm happy to suggest some if you’ve hit a roadblock, but knowing what a valuable outcome from a coaching session will be will ensure you get it. 

  • Be present. Shut down anything that might be distracting so you can be 100% present and in tune with your deepest self. This could include your phone, email, Slack/GChat, background music, etc.

  • Be patient. Big, gutsy life change doesn’t happen overnight, and more often than not, it will take more time than you’re expecting or hoping to make your change. Learning, applying, and changing based on new information takes time, so give yourself some grace and space to make some mistakes.

How we communicate outside of coaching calls:

I want to ensure you make tons of progress in between sessions. Some of the biggest moments in coaching happen while you are doing the work in between calls – and I will be there to support and cheer you on every step along the way. 

Beyond the scheduled coaching conversations, I will be available for you to send email, FB message, WhatsApp or text status updates and accountability check-in notes

  • These types of messages will always be read, and will probably receive a 4-sentence (or shorter) reply or a video back from me.

  • These emails from you can be updates, requests for specific feedback and progress celebrations, but not huge existential questions (as those are better discussed over video and no email reply on the earth is likely to answer those)

Rescheduling and Cancellation policy:

Please provide me at least 24 hours prior notice to reschedule our session time. If insufficient notice is given, I may count it as a session if I'm not be able to accommodate your request.

If you don't show up for a scheduled call, it counts as one of your sessions. If I don't hear from you, I text after 5 minutes from our scheduled time, call you after 10 minutes, and then leave the zoom room. Not showing up has never been an issue with my clients but I like to be clear on the process for everyone out of respect for each others time. 

If there is a true emergency (Hospitalization etc) and you have to skip a session with no notice, we'll work through it on a case by case basis.

Pausing working together:

As a general rule, I don’t pause working together. That said, I fully understands that life events happen and sometimes we need to pause sessions as your priorities change.


I work through a need for pause on a case-by-case basis, but pauses are usually due to a large life event such as a death, an acute illness, etc. 


Sometimes you think you want to pause sessions when your life demands increase such as a busy season at work for you or a spouse, increased parenting demands, travel, increased volunteering commitment, etc. These situations are great opportunities to work through tough questions with me on assessing values and priorities.  They are valuable teachers.


Switching from weekly to bi-weekly can be an option to release some pressure, but a full pause is often very disruptive to the coaching process and only used as a last resort. 

You have 6 months to use up all your sessions for a 3 month package and 12 months to use up all our sessions for a 6 month package, otherwise the remaining sessions are forfeited and are non transferable. 


Confidentiality is critical to our relationship – our coaching sessions are strictly confidential. Any subject discussed and/or items shared, including such things as personal information, future plans, proprietary information, goals, job and company information, will remain confidential.


You are responsible for paying for coaching according to the terms we discussed in your "discovery" conversation. Payment is due prior to the first coaching conversation, otherwise your scheduled session time will be forfeited. 


I improve my service through positive (and constructive) client feedback. If you feel so compelled and have received value from our sessions, I'd greatly appreciate your testimonial for potential future marketing use via a google, facebook, or LinkedIn review.



If I ever say or do anything that upsets you or doesn’t feel right, please bring it to my attention. Part of the coaching relationship will likely involve disagreement or sharing uncomfortable perspectives for the purposes of growth, but if I've made a mistake or disrespected you, I promise to do what is necessary to have you be satisfied. Honesty and trust are critical for our relationship to grow. We want this to be an open and safe place for you to come with confidence.

The fine print:

As the coachee, you understand and agree that your coach is not an “employment agent,” “business manager,” “financial analyst” or “psychotherapist” and that we have not promised, shall not be obligated to, and will not:


(1) procure or attempt to procure any employment, business or sales for me, (2) perform any business management functions such as accounting services, advice on tax matters or the investment of funds, and (3) will not act as a therapist, counseling me or providing psychoanalysis, group therapy or behavioral therapy.

You further understand and agree that as a specialized form of consulting, Coaching is not the same as professional or licensed therapy; and that you are always free to reject any advice, suggestions or requests made by the coach at any time. My coach is authorized and encouraged to be direct and unconditionally supportive.


You also understand and agree that coaching is not a form of currency and not refundable once purchased.

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