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Adrian Duke

"You have helped me dive deeper into myself than I could have even imagined. Through working with you I have become more vulnerable, compassionate, focused, self aware and inspired to improve."

-Adrian Duke
Vancouver Business Owner

Jasmin McMechan

"I felt nourished and it was challenging in all the right ways. Thank you for creating a safe and genuine space that was designed for growth and connection. I’m walking away feeling inspired and empowered."

- Jasmin McMechan, MC, BSW

Nick Crichton

"Using intelligence and emotion, David helped me articulate abstract goals, reach them, and be able to measure how far I had come at the end. Extremely gifted, and in my judgement able to access a wide variety of situations and personalities."

-Nick Crichton
Healthcare Professional

Testimonials: Testimonials

Such a safe, courageous, and comfortable space to get uncomfortable and peel away some of the apprehensions and fears built up between yourself and your true nature.

- Brodie Whitney
Life Coach

From working with David Stegman in the Spring, I got the guts to take actions leading me towards things I had long been dreaming of; travel and climbing mountains. Currently, I’m bagging peaks in New Zealand. I highly recommend him!

- Jason Nickel
College Professor

Thanks David. I appreciate your decisive, kind, warm, presence, and the methods you use. I trust you, feel safe around you, and appreciate what you draw out of me. 

- Gabriel Kezcan

Testimonials: Testimonials

"David Stegman is an incredible life coach. I worked with him for 6 months to help me find better balance in my life – specifically with my work, health and relationships.

We set some ambitious goals and checked in with each other on a weekly basis. He warned me that if I put in the work, I’d start to see ‘magic’ happening in my life and he wasn’t wrong. Over the past few months, I’ve been promoted, taken on a leadership role with a cause I care deeply about, changed my diet, got in shape, and have far more time for fun in my life. Some less tangible, but perhaps more important examples of the life coaching outcomes were a deeper understanding of my own identity, my purpose in life, how to deal with insecurities or anxieties, and how to set boundaries. I’ve grown so, so much throughout this experience and would do it all over again in a heartbeat."

- Shane Tierney
Senior Design Producer at Microsoft

Simon Turner

"David Stegman facilitated creation of a truly safe space - one in which I felt immediately comfortable connecting with a small group of new men, and sharing in an exploration of some of the deeper corners of my mind and heart. The Co-leaders expertly selected and facilitated activities that brought us men together, and that generated closeness and emotional richness that I will not soon forget. David deftly navigated the potential pitfalls of new group dynamics, as well as the challenging logistics associated with orchestrating an event in the outdoors. It was amazingly powerful to have this experience in a natural setting - I give my thanks to David for making it happen."

- Simon Turner
Lawyer at Ratcliff LLP

Mari Miller

"If you are a man, or woman looking to get in touch with your innate emotional capacity and strengthen relationships to yourself and your loved ones then check out David's offerings. He has a powerful capacity for facilitating and demonstrating safe emotional expression."

- Mari Miller
Healthcare Professional

Jeremy Long

"David is inspiring men who enrolled us in a journey to finding worthiness in ourselves, by facing the souls of the men around us. By provoking vulnerability, courage and truly authentic sharing, I leave feeling all of these men are a part of me and that I have a new community to rely on, reminding me that I am not alone, fulfilling a need for connection which is what I continue to seek more of in my life!"

- Jeremy Long
Leadership and Development Coach

Testimonials: Testimonials

I've been working with David Stegman for a few months and he has helped me with becoming more aware about my inner workings and how it affects my massage practice, and I'm taking these awareness pieces and changing the way I do business. I was initially not sure what I would get out of this, but it has exceeded my expectations and I look forward to my weekly meetings with David. Extremely good at what he does. Very Grateful.

- Forrest Mac Ivor
RMT Instructor

It felt surreal, beautiful, raw, and human. We all identified our suffering and love of life together. There was an amazing mixing and melting that occurred, walls were taken down, and opportunities for courage and insight provided. 

- -Jazmine Rosalynn
Ministry of Forests

David Stegman does a fantastic job holding men in the introduction to men's work. His calm and confident energy creates safety and trust in the direction of the weekend. There is a steady flow and direction throughout making the processes easy to jump into.

- Nate Fisk
Electrical Consultant

David’s coaching style is genuine, calculated and inspired. All of the work that David is doing behind the scenes comes to light the session. David has the awareness to push forward or lean back and the presence to hold space. You may not know where you’re going with David but there is wisdom and safety in his guidance. I highly recommend working with David.

- Melanie Barber Baribeau
Recruitment Specialists

I would like to acknowledge David's consistent ability to hold attention in our sessions. He creates a space of gentle persistence and creative inquiry. David has assisted me in cultivating self-accountability, thoughtful goal-setting and how to ask the right questions. I would highly recommend David for anyone seeking to sharpen their own life intent or expand self-understanding.

- Scott Miller
Realtor at Coldwell Banker
Real Estate

 Your willingness to be vulnerable, open and sharing was a key ingredient that created safety for the other men. And you were appropriately discerning. There is always a balance when in such a position of leadership to share and hold what's true in your hearts. Your attention to safety and preparation was another key aspect of what created such a strong container for men to show up and grow

- Peter Mortifee
Co-Founder and Chair of
The Somerset Foundation

During coaching I started dating again after a 3 year hiatus, negotiated changes at work for the better, started working out, and overall just started to feel happier, more confident, healthier, and more motivated to keep taking small steps to making my life one that I chose rather than feeling like it was the one I was just living in.

- Aziz Ahmed

I did a 3 month Journey with David. We dove deep into some very interesting themes of my life that were holding me back in my career. David was amazing at holding space, challenging me in all the right ways, and providing guidance when needed. I felt safe, seen and heard. At the end of our three month journey I was in a completely difference space, and ready to take on life.

- Monika Chlus

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